The Necessity of Traditional Culture Integration in College Students’ Mental Health

How Japanese cultural influence upon Chinese Literature Can Affect the Mental Health of College Students.There are a number of research in recent times that suggest that the impact of Japanese culture and values on college students could have negative impact. A study has found that Japanese culture can influence what students believe, feel and behave. The study also found that students in college studying in Japan experienced lower levels of mental wellbeing than students who weren’t. One way to combat this is by teaching Chinese literature both in America and internationally. This would allow American as well as other students from abroad to explore Chinese literature in a unique approach, instead of learning the cultural values and beliefs of people who come from China. Furthermore, it will offer Chinese students the opportunity to understand what influences their cultural background on their mental health. This will allow them to learn more about themselves and interactions with others.The role in Chinese Literature in the Mental Health of College Students.As Chinese literature enters into the mainstream of the writing process and educational system in China, it is hoped that its influence will help improve the mental health of students in college. This article examines the effect on the impact of Chinese literature on college students’ mental health and seeks out ways to integrate it into the classroom curriculum. In this section, we explore the role of Chinese literature in the mental health of college students. We also look at ways to incorporate them into the teaching process. One way to integrate Chinese literature into teaching methods involves reading group discussions or lectures on specific topics connected to Chinese cultural heritage or mental wellness. These can be a great opportunity to teach students more about China’s culture and the past, and the impact they’ve had on recent generations. Another approach is asking authors for answers to questions in diverse styles. They learn about the books of literacy experts, and the various ways they can be used for within different classes. The psychological health of college students is different in comparison to other nations. Certain college students are substantially better health status over students from other nations. According to an analysis by the world Health Organization, college students from Jordan had lower rates of anxiety and depression than counterparts from the developed world, and have also been found to be less prone to social isolation.Similarly while bipolar disorder as a psychiatric disorder is widespread among college students across several developing nations, it is rare among college students in China. The reason could be differing diagnoses in different nations. According to a study from 2016 published by the journal PloS One the study found that 30 percent of Indian college students reported that they’d been through at least one episode of major depression in their first year of college. In contrast, just 5 percent of them reported experiencing such an event among Chinese undergraduates. The study 1 was found that Indian undergraduates had three times the likelihood to be diagnosed with major depression than Chinese to have been diagnosed with major depression. But only% of Chinese undergraduateuates reported experiencing such one. The study with “PLoS One” found that when professors use local language teaching methods along with American English teaching techniques within classes in foreign languages, Indian undergraduateuates had significantly higher academic scores than students who received no such training. Additionally the type of instruction increased self-awareness and understanding towards the emotions of one’s self among Indian undergraduates compared to those who did not receive such training. “A study carried out by “PLoS One” found that instructors who use local language teaching methods together with American English teaching techniques within an international language course, Spanish undergraduateuates had significantly superior academic results than those who didn’t receive the training; moreover, this type of training increased self-awareness and understanding towards ones own emotional state as well as self-awareness and understanding of one’s own emotions among Spanish undergraduateettes compared to those who didn’t receive the training. Study 2 also showed significant educational gains for Taiwanese students when the teachers utilized native language methods combination along with American English teaching techniques in a foreign language course. This contrasted to those who didn’t receive any training in the formative stage.


To maintain a good mental health It is crucial that college students take the time to study Chinese literature. The influence of culture can have a negative impact on the mental health and wellbeing of students in college. China is one of the nations with the highest risks of mental disorders. It is crucial that students study Chinese literature, and study on other cultures to be healthy.