Shreyas Talpade offers his thoughts on what celebrities should do instead of boycotting trends.

Shreyas Talpade is an Independent Artist in Mumbai, India who creates works that speak to the soul. His most recent work, “Towelgate”, features the creation of a collection of sculptures which depict celebrities who are negatively impacted by the decision of a clothing brand to oppose Israel. These sculptures were displayed recently in Mumbai’s famous Victoria & Albert Museum. Talpade responded by making several artworks that show people who have a positive reaction to Trendy clothing. You can see them on the internet at

Celebrities Reacting to the Boycott of Trendy Clothing.

Many celebrities have endorsed the ban of fashion-forward clothing. People who make a living selling fashion brands as well as promoting their brands are among the strongest opposition to the fashion industry. Some of the most famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna and Taylor Swift have all spoken out in support of the campaign. Many celebrities have created their own clothing brand that is made from sustainable material.

What have celebrities said about the boycott

Celebrities who are paid to sell or promote fashion brands are among the loudest on their dissent. Beyonce and Taylor Swift are just a few of those who have spoken in for. Certain celebrities even began creating their own line that is made with sustainable material. Beyonce has stated she’s “appalled” by the way “the fashionable fashion industry not fair to working women.” West has called for an outright boycott of all luxury brands because they’re “selling their products” to business interests of the highest order. Rihanna declared that she would avoid luxury brands that offer lower wages. Taylor Swift shared her views regarding the issue via Instagram: “So, what should I do now that my house is not a Kardashian house?”

Celebrities Reacting to the Boycott.

A lot of celebrities are participating in the ban on trendy clothing. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Lovato as well as others have spoken in out of. Rihanna declared that she was not a fan of being linked with “bad clothing”, Ashton Kutcher claimed that he doesn’t want his son wearing shabby clothes , and Demi Lovato said she was refusing to wear brands that do not advocate for social change. Many celebrities endorse this boycott, however, they feel they are forced to do so. The most famous faces such as Miley Cyrus Emma Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all vocal about their displeasure at the fashion industry and their inability to be responsible towards society. They believe that by boycotting fashionable clothing brands and bringing the spotlight on issues like poor and social inequality.

Strategies for successfully responding on the Boycott.

It is crucial to create your long-term plan of investment in case you plan to engage in a campaign to boycott trendy clothes manufacturers. A diversification of your portfolio in investment will make sure that your funds are spent sensibly and you do not go through any revenue loss opportunities.

Diversify your Investments

Another key factor to consider when avoiding these companies is that they may be difficult to substitute in the event that their merchandise is pulled off the market. If you suffer from MS or any other illnesses, it could be best not to purchase products from these brands until more information is available on their compatibility ailments.

Stay Up-to-Date on Financial News

It isn’t easy to stay up-to-date with current financial developments, but it’s important to stay informed on fashion trends and fashion trends. You can then make educated decisions on whether to boycott these businesses.

Be prepared for volatility

If there is any change in the world of fashion – either positive or negative – this could mean the value you invest in this style of clothes will be affected as a result. Be prepared for volatility by stocking up on financial resources and monitoring economic indicators to take informed decisions on whether or not you should boycott these companies again.


The boycott of fashionable clothing has caused celebrities to react. A few are supporting it and others are worried about direction of fashion. A few suggestions for success in reacting to the protest. A long-term strategy for investing as well as diversifying your portfolios, and being prepared to deal with volatility are the most important steps in successful reaction.