Re-Discovering African-American History Through the Silver Screen at Kravis Center’s 12th Annual Film Festival

The seventeenth Annual African-American Film Festival is proudly organized by local community leaders in the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. The festival will be held in the months of January, February and March this year. The festival was founded by Late James Drayton, a former West Palm Beach city commissioner who was a staunch proponent equality and justice, this festival is dedicated to celebrating African American culture, race relations and social justice, in addition to giving tribute to African American artists through groundbreaking film festivals. Every evening is a fascinating intro to the film’s topic that is led by a knowledgeable individual.

Come join us on January 1st in 2:45 pm to watch the screening of the acclaimed drama A Raisin in the Sun (directed by Daniel Petrie). This movie stars Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil and follows those who are the Youngers (an African American family who share an apartment in Chicago apartment) while they try to decide what to deal with their massive insurance payouts following the death of their patriarch. TreaAndrea Russworm (PhD.) will moderate in a panel discussion that will be open to the public and will feature William Nix, Thomas Parham, and Avery Sommers.

At the end of March at 6 : 2 pm, Dr. Terri Francis will be the moderator of a panel that includes Eduardo Culmer, Jr., Breion Moses, and Dwayne Taylor. The panel’s discussions on Ava Duvernay’s documentary, TH. It explores the history of race-based inequality across the United States and examines the real-life situation of African Americans disproportionately populating the prisons of the nation. The panel will also recall John Singleton’s film Poetic Justice. In it, a pair of mismatched characters that are Justice as well as Lucky (Tupac) Shakur travel in a determined manner to South Central Los Angeles, the state of California, to Oakland.

The annual NALES Festival of Film exposes the systematic racism in its underlying causes. It will be moderated by Nadine White-Boyd and Nadine White-Boyd, Esq. The panelists include Reverend Kevin Jones, James Venable and Alexis Lockhart shall be present. The reception will be catered in the lobby at the Rinker Playhouse will precede the event. James Drayton and AnEta Selwell were the hosts of previous events. They carefully studied, vetted and curated some films that have a current appeal and can be used as catalysts to community discussion. Some of the films that are featured are nostalgic in nature, among some of the very excellent.

American Film Festival is proud to host the festival with the help of WLRN Public Media, and patronage from the Kappa Upsilon Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Tickets for rush tickets for students or educators are also offered for every screening. TreaAndrea Russworm PhD is a multidisciplinary media scholar who has a particular interest in video and digital media games.

Dr. Terri Francis, Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts and Associate Dean of Inclusion and Outreach for the past twenty years, has identified and questioned the various ways in which psychoanalytic culture functions as a dominant racial ideology which is built on a flawed concept of how to “recognize” the racial other as human . This is done by studying various popular types like Sidney Poitier’s films, black mother and daughter Melodramas for families, Black pimp stories, and cartoon Fat Albert post s American popular literatures.

In the Summary

The American Film Festival which is funded by WLRN Public Media and the Kappa Upsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. It celebrates the finest of American filmmaking by presenting a series of films specially selected for the festival. tickets can be purchased to attend individual screenings or all of the series on or over the phone by calling (“-“) or (). Each screening is free for students and educators, so everyone can enjoy this great occasion. This year’s American Film Festival will be unforgettable thanks to TreaAndrea M.Russworm Dr. as the moderator.