Missouri beats Abilene Christian

Missouri Downs Abilene Christian.

As per Fox Sports, Missouri upset Abilene Christian by 71-59 during the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. This game took place at home and saw several key players for both teams on the court. For Missouri the junior guard Tariq Harris led the way scoring 24 points, securing 7-of-10 shooting. He also grabbed 11 points, four rebounds and one steal from the bench. Junior forward Quincy Miller added 20 points with 8-of-12 shooting. He also had six rebounds , and three blocks off the bench. Prentiss Graham, senior forward, put in a dazzling effort as a bench player. He recorded 14 points and 5-of-10 shooting.

What Happened to the Star of abilene Christian

ESPN.com mentions that senior forward Quincy Miller was injured and was forced to leave the game prior to his teammates. Miller was listed as questionable on their website after playing for just two minutes during his final game for the collegiate team. The team is not sure if he will be able to play again in the future or if he’ll need surgery. This injury has left Christian with an injured frontcourt that could require replacements in the near future.

How Illinois could enhance its playing?

Illinois could look into reducing the number of turnovers in order to improve their shooting in order to improve their shooting. Illinois may also want to put more emphasis on defense rather than providing numerous opportunities for adversaries’ shooters. This is an excellent place to begin this process for Illinois since Springfield has a defensive rank of.902 as per KenPom.

Missouri’s Chance to Improve its Performance

Missouri must find the right teams in order to perform at a high level. The Tigers must be able to defend with a physical approach and also be aggressive when it comes to offensive play. Also, the Tigers require improvement in their technique in order to be able to play more on offense.

You must be ready to take on any challenge

Missouri must overcome the challenges faced by all teams in order to succeed. This is true for both opponents and themselves. Missouri will have to be able to accommodate the new players and offenses along with changing playing conditions , like the cold or rain.

Improve Your Technique

A good technique is essential for playing well. Missouri demands players who are able to keep their eyes and bodies in check as they run the football. It will not be a success if players don’t adhere to their commitments.

4Be Leaders in the League.

The Tigers victory of 4-0 over Abilene Christian provided a proof of their progress. With new players on the team and coach Lovett at the helm, the Tigers looked to be on their way to becoming a formidable team. Abilene Christian, despite having an impressive team, battled back and scored two goals in the third period. Team Missouri was thus able to claim their fourth consecutive season-ending defeat. In spite of this spirited effort from the Titans the game was an intense game and the Tigers earned their victory.

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Tips to Play a Game Successfully.

Dribbling is among the most important skills needed to make a difference in the outcome of a game. Your team’s strategy revolves around dribbling. It can be the most important factor in your success percentage. If you’re able to make mistakes or have your team members to be involved in the offensive then you’ll stand a higher chance to succeed.

Be a Good Ballhandler

It’s essential to be able to control and manage the ball in order to emulate Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. For this, you’ll have to make use of the speed and agility you have to move the ball quickly and efficiently. You may also want to make a point of being a skilled distributor. This means that you must pass your ball accurately and avoid making mistakes.

Use your shooting ability

Some players are better at shooting than others. It is important to take advantage of every chance you can to shoot the ball. This will not only improve your stats, but can provide you with an advantage in matches against players with less experience in the goalie or defense.

Get Your Active

The athleticism of your body is another ability you could use to play basketball at a high the highest level. The ability to score baskets on the long-range by being agile and being able to leap into the air and run through contacts.


Missouri Downs was a team who played last year’s NCAA Division II playoffs. Though they did not win the conference champions, their performance on the court proved they were able to become a formidable team. They’re tough to beat. They should be able to improve their performance to be able to have a stronger run at the national championships in the coming year. They can be improved by being prepared for their challenges as well as identifying the most suitable players.