How this will affect Southwest Airlines’ bottom line

Southwest Airlines released guidance for the third quarter of 2018.The primary goal of the guidance was in terms of net income and revenue. It anticipates that the company’s revenue will grow by 3% and net income will grow by 5%.

What’s the future outlook regarding Southwest Airlines.

The future of Southwest Airlines is positive. Southwest Airlines has witnessed a strong revenue growth for passengers and higher profits in the last few years. It has led to an increase in capital expenditures than expected. The company is also enjoying success with its latest 737MAX aircrafts, which are helping to boost traffic and profit. Despite some challenges like a weakening economy, and competition from other carriers, the business is well-positioned and is likely to report good results for the upcoming quarter.

What do you think are Southwest Airlines’ main trends?

Despite struggling in the initial quarter of 2018 Southwest Airlines has seen some consistent growth over the past several years. While competition has increased, traffic levels continue to rise. Profits have also risen by more than average. This shows how well Southwest Airlines is doing despite difficult times (despite stiff competition from rival airlines, profits are still increasing faster than average). It suggests that despite the increased congestion of airlines, there’s little to no possibility of the trend changing within the next few years. It is likely that profits will keep growing even as airlines face competition.

What are your top priorities?

Southwest Airlines wants to build upon its success in the first two years of operation, and also maintain the quality of its service to customers. Southwest Airlines will be focusing on expanding capacity and providing better customer service.

Increase Customer Experience

Southwest Airlines is committed to making sure its customers are pleased and content. In order to achieve this the company is planning to enhance service decrease costs, as well as create new technologies. The company also plans to expand the promotional possibilities for its products and services.

Starify Operations

Southwest Airlines has a goal to be more efficient, dedicated to offering great customer experiences. This will involve developing different ways of doing business and implementing processes for change management in conjunction with training for employees.


Southwest Airlines released guidance for the third quarter of the year. Southwest Airlines announced information for the third quarter of 2018. The aim was to provide a better customer experience, increase capacity and starify operations. In the 3rd quarter of the year both net income and revenue are anticipated to grow by 3% and 5.5 percentage, respectively. Southwest Airlines faces challenges due to increased competition as well the slowdowns that are occurring in China. Priorities of the business includes increasing capacities, improving the customer experience, and cutting costs.