How fans are reacting to the news of the fighters’ weights

While they are of distinct body shapes and weights, boxers Gennady Golovkin, and Canelo Alvarez both are known for their punches that are powerful. Canelo is, on the other being a super heavyweight while Golovkin can be called super heavyweight. Therefore, it will be close whenever they go up against each other during a match. The discussion will focus on the way Canelo is able to outweight Golovkin even though they are in different weight directions.

Canelo was defeated by Golovkin.

Canelo, a less well-known fighter, is a bit less popular and has a weaker professional record. Golovkin on the other side has participated in some of the most notable and highly regarded boxing fights and is more experienced over his rival. Additionally, he also has an improved result, winning 37 out of 42 total fights.

Golovkin has a superior fighting record

Golovkin was the winner of two world titles already He will take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his next fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is among the most known and powerful boxers. Golovkin knows how to win, and he’s been proved numerous times that he can beat any opponent that comes his way with a fist exchange. Also, his victory over Saul Alvarez – an opponent who was considered one of the most weak fighters in the world – proved that he’s not scared to face with opponents who are stronger than him.

Canelo How do you outweigh it.

You need more than just good boxing techniques to beat Canelo Alvarez (unbeaten boxing champion) and is undefeated. You must out-work and outthink your opponent in order to take on him. It is possible to learn more about your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths when you work with an experienced fighter while training. Experience can be an incredible resource. When fighting Alvarez keep in mind that he’s a well skilled fighter who has several years of expertise at his disposal. Be prepared to fight the best possible and make use of this information to your advantage.

Get the most out of the experience

You’ll win the fight by being smart in the preparations you make and by utilizing your knowledge against Alvarez. It may be cheaper to take on the fight later but still deliver a great fight.

Use boxing skills to out-weigh Canelo

Boxing isn’t only for professionals, they could even be used against an opponent like Canelo Alvarez, who is famous for his dominant left hand punch. To beat him you must use your boxing ability as well as the strength and endurance you have to hit punches that can hurt and even kill your opponent.

Here are some tips for not weighing Canelo.

Effective boxing is essential for beating Canelo. A boxer’s opponent is way too powerful to take down or submit with orthodox strike. If you want to succeed when it comes to this challenge, you must focus upon your head and brain instead of your hand. Maintain a calm, focused attitude throughout the bout, and try not to lose focus – a skilled boxer is aware of when it’s necessary to let his hand do the work.

Make use of your brain and your head to beat Canelo

If you want to be stronger than Canelo the best way to do this is to think about what he can’t accomplish and ways to overcome him by using strategies that are thought-provoking. If you know that Canelo is not a great close-range fighter you should consider it a smart strategy to utilize distance weapons like knees or hooks rather than seeking to beat him with punches. Be aware that no one can be the perfect boxer. Even the greatest boxers may have flaws.

Focus and remain calm throughout the battle

It can be very overwhelming to some fighters. Avoid letting that occur! Maintain your calm and focus during every fight, by staying focused on what you need to accomplish to win , whether that involves countering or fighting back against punches from your opponent. When you focus your attention on the task at hand it will allow you outdo your adversaries and emerge victorious.


Canelo out-weighing is a great method to improve your fighter’s records and make it more difficult to lose. If you’re seeking to dominate your opponent, make use of your experience to your advantage. If you remain calm and focused throughout the fight, you’ll succeed. We appreciate your reading.