How Hendon Hooker’s Star Power is Impacting College Football

Hendon Hooker, Tennessee’s College Football Star Power Index leader. Cedrick Tillman is the leader in the group of return wide receivers. Also, Spencer Rattler and Will Levis are among the most pure passers that are not part of the NFL. This week’s edition includes an overview of a few of the most underrated players in college football.

Hendon Hooker has been named the most popular power index for college football

Hendon Hooker, Tennessee’s quarterback is rising. Even though he was a transfer to Tennessee from Virginia Tech last season, Hooker has seen tremendous growth as a player. In his last game against Florida Gators Florida Gators, Hooker threw for 349 yards, and also added 113 yards on ground. Hooker has a great chance to be the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Hooker is scheduled to play LSU during LSU’s SEC Championship Game.

Hooker isn’t just a valid Heisman candidate However, Tennessee had to show his greatest performance against Florida to secure the SEC East. He fought through a big injury in the opening half and made game-changing plays after the interval. The performance of Hooker helped to end a five-year losing streak with the Volunteers. Although Tennessee is not without its flaws, Hooker’s performances have led the team to become an attractive contender for winning the SEC East title.

Spencer Rattler and Will Levis land in Tier 4

The college football season that is about to begin may provide a chance to assess the potential of undrafted free agents. David Hale recently reported that Spencer Rattler, a South Carolina transfer as well as quarterback for Kentucky, has been ranked at the top of Tier 4 of the College Football Star power ranking. Both are highly skilled and have potential. However it is the NFL draft will determine the fate of both players.

Both quarterbacks have a lot of potential. But the distinction between them is the age of the quarterback. Rattler will turn 19 in April. He will become the first quarterback taken off the table in the 2022 NFL Draft. He may not want to be a part of Oregon But Riley might persuade him to stay.

C.J. Stroud is the best pure passer who isn’t in the NFL

Stroud is among the best college quarterbacks and he’s likely to be the most sought-after player in the 2023 NFL Draft. Stroud is a top athlete who has a strong arm as well as pinpoint accuracy. Also, he is extremely sociable with the wide receivers. While he’ll have to play against an extremely tough Rutgers defense however, there are many positive indications for his future.

Stroud is a top pocket passer and an accurate downfield passer. Stroud is also able to read defenses and is able to evade tension. Stroud is the master of the intangibles. Stroud’s versatility can be a huge advantage to his team. He’s extremely athletic with a strong frame as well as a fluid arm motion. The way he walks and his footwork needs to be improved.