From divorce to dating: What we know about Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife’s relationship.

Chris Redds’ Wife Claim that he is dating Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. Chris Redds divorced from his wife a few months ago. According to her, Redds met her while she was a student at the same school. The two began dating shortly following the end of their relationship. Redds says she has proof they’ve been in a relationship for a while and that they are dating.

Who are the wives who have been claimed?

According to her who claimed to be Kenan Thompson’s former wife. According to her she asserts that Redds refused her an equal opportunity to reconcile after their divorce. The woman also stated that Redds didn’t support or assist her during their divorce process. Redds according to her did not show any respect to her following the split, and treated her poorly when they met several years later.

What is the Claim Situation function?

The claim scenario in this case would suggest that the claimant is woman who is the claimant, as well as Claimant 2. This would appear as that there is no third person (ex-wife) within this instance. It could be the case however legal issues can create a difficult case to establish.

What’s the story behind the Claim?

The claims were made via informal channels. It’s still unclear when or how the claim was made. Redds had previously refused Redds his right to talk with him or visit Redds. This claim was made in order to obtain an amount of financial compensation.

What is the definition of the Claim?

Chris Redds’ ex-wife filed an action against him alleging that he is still living with his wife and engaged to her. The couple divorced in April of 2016. The lawsuit states that the wife of the divorcee was informed about the divorce via Redds his May 1, 2016 email , in which he wrote, “I am still seeing my ex-wife – it is now six months since we divorced and we’re still in good standing.” Redds states that he hasn’t relocated from his home after their separation and is still seeing his ex-wife even though the couple is no longer together. There are certain steps to make sure that your divorce goes as smoothly and as smooth as it can be. These include:-Continue being together for at least six months after separation, annulment, or divorce (in the majority of cases, this means being apart).-Receiving the annulment or separation order (a document that allows the dissolution of a marriage).


Chris Redd’s wife claims that Chris Redd is dating Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. The claim was made due to the fact that Chris as well as Kenan Thompson split in the year 2009. In the years since, Chris has been seeing Kenan Thompson on occasion. As per the Claim Situation, they were wedding in civil ceremonies, but then split up. This could be complex due to family and legal issues. There is a possibility that Chris and his wife have a relationship, but are not officially connected.