“What older women lifestyle influencers can teach us about living our best life”

The older women of this group are the ideal choice for those looking to discover new ideas in your life and career. The older women in these photos provide inspiration, motivation and help us how we can live our most fulfilling lives. These women are not only model or blogger, they also hold a powerful position of leadership in their respective fields as well as being strong, savvy, as well as extremely skilled.

Alison Barker

While she may have been at the forefront for some time, Alison Barker has remained one of the most popular lifestyle influencers of the past decade. She is a full-time blogger, stylist, and great fan of fashion and style at affordable price. She currently is followed by more than 5 million, and will earn an estimated $40 million until 2022.

Alongside being an aspirant style blogger Alison Barker has a professional background as a journalist fitness instructor, as well as a marketing manager. Though her blog was initially an undergraduate side-project however, it’s evolved into an actual career. She writes about fashion, diary entries, along with personal style articles. She is also freelancer and an expert in branding.

Britanny Leigh Ball

Britanny Leigh has a reputation as a Manhattan-based content writer and an influential lifestyle blogger. Her name is recognized for her love of the fields of fashion, motherhood and wellness. Her mission is to inspire women and make them feel better about themselves.

She started as a fashion assistant but quickly evolved into a fashion blogger. She blogs about everything, from personal style to the latest beauty and travel content. Today, she has more than 4 million fans on Instagram.

Gladys Jay

If you’d like to appear younger than you really do, then take a look at. Gen X and baby boomers are rising to the top of Instagram influencers. These fashionable older ladies are dispelling stereotypes of age and fashion. These are the top ways to view fashion from a different angle.

Another influencer in the world of lifestyle is Elly Brown who is a Brazilian mom of four who launched an Instagram account called Uptown With Elly in the year 2014. She has over 60 thousand followers and has collaborated with numerous smaller fashion labels like Zara, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.

Janise Burrafato

Janise Burrafato is a mom and yoga instructor who is dedicated is Janise. She’s also a fervent fashion blogger and has an eye for fashion. Her posts range from interior fashion to finding designer brands for a fraction of the price. She’s one of the most sought-after Instagram influencer in this decade, so it’s not unexpected.

Apart from being a mother as well as a fitness instructor She’s an entrepreneur and an influential lifestyle blogger. She writes on her blog The Barely Brunette and shares her love of fashion, beauty mommyhood, fashion, and everything else in between. She hopes her audience will get inspired from her writings and transform social media into an avenue for sharing the love of.

Steffy Degreff

Steffy Degreffff, a New York-based lifestyle blogger , started her blog in 2011. Since 2011, Steffy Degreff has written about her vintage collection and launched an online store. Collaborations with brands have seen her write about many different topics, such as health and beauty as well as life. She has been featured by a range of brands in the fashion industry and collaborated in collaboration with many other life-style influencers.

Use these ideas for lifestyle to attain your ideal body and look stylish. These women are older women who aren’t afraid to show off their curves. These women have more skills and experience than most of us.