“IGP Directs Foolproof Security Arrangements For Foreign Nationals”

A meeting was held by the Special Protection Unit recently, IGP Faisal Shakar directed his personnel to design secure and foolproof arrangements for foreign nationals. This is essential for national security. It is however important to be aware of the numerous nuances involved in security procedures for nationals from abroad.

IGP Faisal Shahkar

The Punjab Police is engaged in making foolproof security arrangements for Majalis and processions across the province during Muharram. Over 176,477 police personnel will be designated to perform these duties. The police will also make sure of that committees for peace and foster an environment that promotes harmony between scholars.

IGP Faisal Shahkar has directed four layers of security measures in majalis and central processions. This includes metal detectors and CCTVs. The additional force needs to be added to procession routes. The IG also requested that patrolling times at night are expanded.

The IGP is also directing police to pursue a stern approach against law breakers, while protecting the peace at public spaces. The IGP has urged all police officers in charge to take swift measures against hooligans as well as wheelie-doers. The chief has also ordered that female police personnel to ensure that families are safe at places of recreation. Furthermore, he’s instructed RPOs as well as DPOs to form special squads to protect the families.

IGP Punjab

The Punjab Police Commissioner has directed the Punjab Police to complete existing task and send a update to the Central Police Office. In his report, the Punjab Police Commissioner stated that merit will be only a factor when it comes to transferring officers. The best performers will have the highest priority when it comes to assignments. He also directed the regular operation of Khuli Khantcherries.

As per the IGP Punjab, foolproof security arrangements should be made at any major celebration, such as the Ashura procession as well as Majalis. Police should ensure that they are active participants in peace committees and promote harmony between scholars and police. The police, as well as other departments that have sensitive information must accelerate their search efforts.

IGP Punjab also directed accelerated action based on intelligence against Kacha criminals. All these operations should be overseen by supervisory officers. Also, the IGP has instructed that all police personnel coordinate with other agencies, including security authorities, for the protection of the residents as well as employees. The police force must have the latest equipment for weapons and bulletproof jackets.

IGP Sindh

DIGs were directed by the IGP Sindh to improve security across the entire province during the period from 14 to 27 December. The IGP Sindh has instructed the DIGs to increase security throughout every district, making sure there is a secure measures that are foolproof. The governor also directed the swift intervention force and anti-riot police to be ready for the event of a danger.

The main Chehlum procession has been controlled by IT-based tools such as Safe City cameras. Also, more than 42,000 police officers will be on the ground in security roles, including the more than 10,000 police officers within the capital of the province. Over 530 procession and majalis are scheduled throughout the province.

It is also important to note that the IGP Sindh also directed the Regional Police Officers of Hyderabad in Hyderabad and Sukkur to put in place foolproof security arrangements in the holy Ashura-eMuharram of the patron saint. In addition, the Provincial Police Chief directed that police officers would be posted to sensitive locations and in places to guard people during the procession.