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It is the Malagasy EXPO.

2. What exactly is the Malagasy EXPO and does it provide unique perspectives on the arts, culture and overall well-being of visitors? What are the benefits of going to this year’s Malagasy EXPO this year? What is the procedure to register to attend this year’s Malagasy EXPO this year? Malagasy Exposition is an innovative approach to the arts, culture and wellbeing which is what the Government of Madagascar has created. Through the events and exhibits which showcase local talent as well as talent and creativity The MEX offers a different view of culture, art, as well as health. Through the events and exhibits which showcase local talent, innovative thinking, and creativity, the Malagasy EXPO offers a distinctive perspective on culture, art as well as overall wellbeing. The MEX provides many advantages and opportunities to discover the local culture, create artistic outlets, and connect with prospective employers. Additionally, it helps enhance their health through exercises such as yoga and meditation. While the procedure for registering for the upcoming MEX has not been announced yet however, it is easy to find information on the internet and on the day of the event. We’re happy to address any queries you might have regarding the MEX in this year.

Here are a few of the most important events that will take place at EXPO Malagasy. Malagasy EXPO.

Malagasy EXPO is a major international festival that takes place at Breguet in Madagascar is home to a variety of important exhibitions. The 3rd of June on, the Malagasy EXPO will be hosting various international exhibits which showcase culture, art and health across the world. The show runs until the 9th of June, 2018.The Cultural Fair Cultural Fair – The Malagasy Chamber of Commerce hosts an event celebrating culture on Friday June 5 and on Sunday, June 7. The fair will feature talks, workshops and exhibitions regarding cultural topics at different scales. The exhibition will cover topics like nutrition, mental health. It will feature talks about different aspects of science such as medical research, and alternative energy sources.

It’s the Malagasy EXPO: What are the attendees likely to see?

There are a variety of exhibitors from diverse fields of culture and art in this year’s Malagasy EXPO. The Expo comprises museums, galleries and collectors, as well as small-scale businesses and artists. The Expo visitors can have an exciting and diverse experienceas they’ll have the opportunity to discover the latest and most exciting forms of art.

What are the major topics to be covered at this year’s Malagasy EXPO?

Malagasy EXPO is focused on wellness. The event provides an opportunity that allows everyone to share their personal experiences and thoughts on the health, culture and well-being. Expo participants will discover things that will interest everyone including health-related topics, to insights into culture.

What can they do to prepare to prepare Malagasy EXPO?

Malagasy EXPO, which is annually held, is always highly sought-after. This year’s event will take place time in Antanarivo (Madagascar). Visitors will be given the chance to view many of the most renowned arts and cultures from around the world. At the festival, you are also able to purchase various events as well as products.

It’s the Malagasy EXPO: What are the most desirable items to purchase?

Many items are available for purchase at this year’s Malagasy EXPO in the coming year. They include hats, T-shirts and prints of art along with beverages, snacks and other items related to Madagascar’s art and culture scene.

How do I best to reach Malagasy EXPO?

The Malagasy Exposition Center by emailing [email protected] or by calling the number 0091-282830000.

Email an address

Contact Malagasy EXPO directly. Malagasy EXPO directly via email at [email protected] for details on ticket sales and other events. There will be a variety of events and exhibits that take place at the Malagasy EXPO which will focus on various topics. Malagasian entrepreneurs are showcasing their most recent and most exciting items at this year’s Malagasy EXPO. The event also gives them the chance to meet the business and investment partners of their choice and discuss ways they can enhance their businesses. It is a fantastic chance to network with others who are entrepreneurs who hail from Madagascar and get to know the business they run. Business owners can also find out more about the various sectors of the Malagasy economy through the Expo.


Malagasy EXPO is a fantastic chance to learn more about Malagasy culture as well as the many sectors that make up the economic system. The event draws exhibitors all over the world to participate in seminars and debates. The event offers a variety of activities during the Malagasy EXPO exhibitors from all over the world, including exhibitions and cultural tours. Additionally, there will discussions on current issues. It’s a fantastic chance to meet new people as well as business contacts. The Malagasy EXPO provides a variety of networking opportunities, and it’s an excellent occasion!